Serbat is a traditional drink mixed from natural ingredients, taste spicy due to the influence of ginger. The shape is round as wide as a coin but thick and brown. In Indonesia sherbet developed as a combination of Javanese and Chinese herbal concoctions. This Javanese potion is seen in ginger, kencur, lemongrass, cabepuyang, etc. While the Chinese herb looks at ingredients such as roots and cinnamon.

Serbat Cap Jangkrik Mas is one of original product of Semarang. Produced since 1958 by Mr. Liem Thiam Hie and since December 2012 taken over by CV. Herb Liem Putra. Serbat Jangkrik Mas made of 100% natural ingredients and does not contain preservatives and artificial sweeteners.


Serbat Jangkrik Mas originated in 1950 from the skillful hands of a businessman named Mr. Liem Thiam Hie who owned a small scale of business or "Home Industry" in Semarang.

The company was first set up in Gedung Batu, Semarang with the concept of a herbal drink in the form of tablet. The idea of Serbat Jangkrik Mas came from an innovative idea to change the form of traditional concept herbal drinks which must be boiled first into a dissolvable tablet.

In December 2012 the company was taken over by CV. Herba Liem Putra and is now has being successfully marketed across Indonesia.


Serbat Jangkrik Mas Original

Serbat Jangkrik Mas Original Pouch

Serbat Jangkrik Mas Sereh Pouch

Health Info

Serbat Cap Jangkrik Mas is known for its healthy effects and benefits:

Increases vitality of the body, Warms the body, Eases stomach pain, rheumatism, and arthritis, Rids out toxins from the body, Refreshes the body, Prevents flu and common cold.

Produced from 100% natural ingredients, without preservatives, Serbat Jangkrik Mas can be served warm or chilled in water, milk, tea or coffee.

Serbat Jangkrik Mas can also be consumed like a ginger candy. Serbat Jangkrik Mas is best consumed during rainy season or in cold weather.